Category: Innovation

The Ideal Cylinder Shield System

The Ideal Cylinder Shield System™ is a revolutionary new cylinder coating system we developed that provides a stable interface between reactive gas mixtures and the interior of the cylinder.  The result? Greatly enhanced stability for your mixtures.  You can clean a cylinder’s inside, you can buff it, you can use the same old silanation or sulfonation technologies that people have been trying for years.  They’re called old hat for a reason.  Why not dress your cylinders up with something new inside, something that keeps your gas mixtures more stable?

We clean, then coat the cylinders with the Ideal Cylinder Shield System™ coating, then activate and improve the coating to keep your gas mixtures safe.

Don’t buy mixtures with our the Ideal Cylinder Shield System logo.  You’ll like our system better because it doubles most stability standards.

This unique system is licensed to Integrity Cylinder Sales of East Hampton, CT.  They are cylinder manufacturers and can apply the coating to most portable gas cylinders.

If you’re a specialty gas manufacturer and would like them to coat your cylinders to see the result, give us a call.  No more toxic silanes to use treating your cylinders.  Nor more nasty sulfonation chemicals to try to get more stability.  Instead, try the Ideal Cylinder Shield System™.

You’ll like it.

Supercritical Fluids

We’re following up on a new direction for supercritical CO2 solvation that is very exciting, but can’t talk much about it since it is in the early stages.  But by December, we should be well underway.  Building on some of the older innovations we developed in this field, we’ll have an interesting premise to begin our work on this idea.


We developed MicroCalgas for Ideal Calibrations, in response to their repeated complaints from customers at having to pay Dangerous Goods shipping charges.  The idea has been around for a while, but the difficulty, of course, was making stable reactive gas mixtures in these small containers, since smaller compressed gas cylinders have a less favorable surface to volume ratio that larger cylinders.  In other words—more metal to gas exposure.

Our technical people solved this last problem by applying the Ideal Coating System™ to the inside of these MicroCalgas cylinders so that the contents were sealed off from contact with the reactive gases.  This product is patent pending and marketed solely through Ideal Calibrations.